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Hi! We’re the Jostlers. With our people-centric intranet, we’re helping leaders build more connected organizations so that everyone can unite and grow together. If this sounds like a worthy problem to solve, you’re right. Care to join us?

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“There are plenty of hard and engaging problems to solve. I started as a co-op 7 years ago, and I’ve had many opportunities to grow my career and leadership skills.”
Marlon Hort

Marlon Hort
Dev Team Lead

The Jostle Team

Co-creating together

At Jostle, we practice co-creation, where we regularly draw on the ideas of others to make well-rounded and informed decisions. Our values guide how we work together and look after our customers:


Love your craft

We create elegant solutions and care about the details. It’s important that we enjoy the process too.


Bring people together

We find meaningful ways to connect and bring different perspectives together. We keep things human.


Make it easy

Things are transparent, simple, and clear at Jostle. We help whoever we can and respond quickly in our day-to-day.


Relish challenge

Always curious to find better ways and grow our skills. We’re not afraid to debate the knotty problems.

“Joining Jostle was the best decision I’ve made in my career. Every day I get to work with some of the smartest people, helping clients find the best solution for their organizations.”
Majid Ismail

Majid Ismail
SaaS Sales Executive

Working at Jostle

Choose to work from home or our downtown Vancouver location. We offer competitive compensation, options, benefits, and flex time. But working at Jostle is about more than that: we’re keen on building connections. You’ll find inspiring teammates and meaningful work! We regularly come together and hang out through socials, leadership workshops, and Lunch n Learns.

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The Jostlers are here to improve workplaces. Want to help us? Come be part of our story!

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“Flexibility is knowing that you're trusted to do your best work. At Jostle, I'm encouraged to share my perspective, drive my own growth, and most importantly, have fun along the way.”
Faye Wai

Faye Wai
Content Marketing Strategist


Jostle helps leaders build connected organizations so that everyone at work can unite and grow together. We do this with our turnkey employee intranet and our online knowledge communities, both of which help leaders lead. Our approach works: Jostle intranets are the go-to place for our customers’ employees, delivering industry-leading employee participation rates. Since 2009, we’ve helped over 1,000 organizations connect their people. Find out more at © 2009–2022 Jostle Corporation. All rights reserved.