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Whether you’re fully dispersed, remote-first, in the office or somewhere in between, conversation is what ties everyone together in your business. This series opens space for dialog that leads to action in the pursuit of better workplaces. We’ll explore how conversation shapes culture, creates connection, and helps leaders lead. We all have a voice—let’s come together and then get to work.

How do we talk?

Every two weeks, we’ll have an online conversation on a topic related to the power of voice at work. With the help of special guests each time, Bev Attfield will host a friendly, informal, and inclusive discussion. More fireside chat, less webinar. No slides, no awkward Q&A. Just down-to-earth conversation on topics that matter in the workplace, now more than ever.

Hosted by:

Bev Attfield

Bev Attfield

Principal of Workplace Science


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Let’s keep talking

Do you have a topic you’d like us to talk about? Would you like to be, or introduce, a guest for the series? Or simply want to chat about workplaces? Reach out to Bev!

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