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Why is Jostle replacing Igloo?

Because we see the purpose of an intranet differently.

Jostle -- more than an "intranet"

Jostle started with the idea of creating extraordinary organizations – to help employees engage and leaders lead. We’ve gone beyond ‘intranet” and are helping our customers create happy, connected, and productive workplaces that reflect their culture.

"I think the Jostle® intranet has changed the way we interact. It's definitely brought the organization closer together."

Anne Lightowler
Head of HR, Woodland Trust

Igloo -- built on an outdated approach

Igloo began as "forum" software in the early 2000s. By 2009, it had added a Facebook-like shell to become one of the leading "Enterprise Social Networks". That fad has passed and Igloo has repositioned its forum-based software once again, now as "the heart of your digital workplace".


Too many pages.

Igloo disperses information across a proliferation of pages.


Simple, go-to views.

Jostle's platform has eight purposeful views that are always current and relevant.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle’s simple platform creates a go-to place that employees will visit several times per day. With eight purposeful views, information is easy to organize and people are easy to find.

Customer Experience:

I love how simple your platform is. Obviously there's tons of complexity underneath it, but you boil down just the menu bar to be very clear about what it is. It was basically everything we needed. The Jostle intranet is now our hub for informal and formal communication.

Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder, Heyday


Difficult to set up and maintain.

Igloo arrives as a widget-based toolbox that requires information architecture expertise to assemble.


Turnkey and low-maintenance.

Jostle works out of the box. It’s pre-configured for optimal set-up, discovery, navigation, and maintenance.

How Jostle achieves this:

Each of the eight Jostle views is optimized for its own purpose, delivering a consistent user experience that is quick to launch and easy to maintain.

Customer Experience:

It's so easy, we didn't need training.

Shelley Goecke
Marketing & Public Relations Director, McFarland Clinic


Ineffective communication.

Igloo is missing instant messaging and relies on user proactively searcing, or undertaking hunt-and-peck navigation, to discover what is happening in their organization.


Enable communication at all levels.

Jostle's platform delivers a complete set of workplace communication tools, all delivered in a simple, intuitive way.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle discussions view

From a private one-on-one chat, to a strategic forum on sales strategy, to celebrating a new customer win, to pushing out a new policy complete with employee sign-off, Jostle has it all.

Customer Experience:

The Jostle intranet has allowed me to be able to engage in conversations with team members both professionally and personally, who are geographically dispersed across the country. It has also allowed me to be able to communicate real time with the entire team.

John Wright
SVP of Global Food Platform & Culinary Solutions North America, Sodexo

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Content not relevant to me.

Igloo disperses information across many pages, that may or may not be relevant for you. When you finally find the right page, you’re confused by information that is only relevant to another region.


Simple targeting.

Jostle makes it easy to target the right information at the right people. For example, you can target a safety notice to just “engineers in China”, such that your US engineers will not be distracted or confused by it.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle list selector

Jostle’s innovative List Selector makes it easy to quickly dial up exactly the right group of employees. As new employees arrive, they’re automatically added to their group and only see relevant content.

Customer Experience:

Jostle’s approach is truly next-generation, delivering work relevance and meaningful engagement with simplicity and elegance.

Danielle Anderson
Director of Digital Experience, Harris + Hoole Co.


Content is stale and cluttered.

Igloo pages become dumping grounds for information, quickly filling with stale content.


Clear content ownership.

Jostle assigns clear ownership of content to subject matter experts, making it easy for them to keep things fresh and organized.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle’s LIBRARY view organizes your files and links into folders that have clear ownership and access rights. View your files and videos in situ.

Customer Experience:

We realized that our communication practices were crippling us when it came to holding people accountable. We couldn’t be confident that important messages were received consistently.

Mandy Stone
Director of Communications and Training, Houlihan's Restaurants

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Lack of effective notifications.

Igloo is missing effective notification of new content or user activities.


Noise-free engagement.

Jostle uses a combination of efficient content organization, simple navigation, and purposeful notification to make it easy for users to find, discover and participate.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle Notifications alert users to the latest happenings. Effective targeting keeps things quiet and users can choose how they receive notifications via laptop, phone, and/or email.

Customer Experience:

Jostle has definitely taken the confusion and frustration out of our org structure.

Benjamin Jackson
Director of Communication, Catch the Fire


Culture not reflected.

Igloo is much less people-centric and fails to capture the spirit of your organization. Igloo's toolbox does not include an effective peer-peer recognition feature.


Celebration and recognition.

Jostle's people-centric platform encourages employee recognition, meaningful connections, and workplace celebration.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle shout-outs

Jostle Shout-Outs are a contagious way for everyone to recognize others. They’re a short, personalizable thank-you message that appears on the live feed. You can even add peer-to-peer bonus rewards with our Bonusly integration.

Customer Experience:

The Jostle intranet is fundamental to upholding our values, our culture, and overall approach.
Gill Buchanan - Pure

Gill Buchanan
Founding Director, Pure


A dead intranet.

Igloo's platform quickly becomes a clutter of pages, which frustrates employees. It’s not long before they abandon their intranet.


Work-relevant engagement.

Jostle’s people-centric platform connects organizations, with most employees visiting multiple times per day.

How Jostle achieves this:

Jostle employee engagement

Our approach is different. It delivers. Measured across all our customers, we are achieving employee participation rates that are over 85%.

Customer Experience:

I don't hear a lot of feedback about the Jostle platform. I just see a lot of people using it.
Graham Taylor - Connect Wireless

Graham Taylor
IT Administrator, Connect Wireless

Jostle vs. Igloo

  Igloo Jostle
Instant messaging No Yes
Organized file repository with simple permissioning No Yes
Clear ownership of content No Yes
Optimized people search No Yes
Peer recognition & micro-bonusing No Yes
Multiple org charts and structures No Yes
Team/project forums Yes Yes
Targeting No Yes
Event planning Yes Yes
Consistent mobile/desktop user experience No Yes
Turnkey with no widgets No Yes

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