An intranet service your employees will actually use. 

A software that focuses on people, not files.

Jostle solves 3 common on-premise intranet challenges:


Time & resources required to build & maintain.


Financial investment to create an on-premise intranet.


Ability to rapidly scale.

What makes Jostle the best intranet software service for you?


Everyone participates

According to a 2013 Gartner study of over 1,000 companies, just 10% of enterprise social collaboration initiatives succeed.

Jostle has gone beyond social, focusing on the real needs of people at work. Our simple approach helps leaders create vibrant organizations, connects employees and enables teamwork. Jostle social intranets consistently deliver 5X higher employee participation.

Plus you can be up & running in a week!

Targeting is simple & easy

Reliably deliver information to any team or employee group. Target 'engineers in Germany' knowing it will get to each of them and be read. Social tools cannot do that. Our patented TEAMS® technology also clarifies who is doing what.

Replace hard-to-maintain org charts. Capture all kinds of workplace teams, including matrix structures and project teams.


Teams escape email

Get team and project discussions out of noisy email chains. Our TEAMS technology makes it easy to tie discussions to any workplace team, employee group or location. In a click, start a discussion about a new promotion with your sales team, knowing that any sales people hired overseas overnight are included.

Workplaces become vibrant

Keep everyone in the loop. Jostle makes it easy to share happenings across your company. Feature stories that celebrate your organization’s culture, values and successes. Tap into our company-wide events calendar.

“After fourteen months of planning, the office team could see images and video of the construction actually underway. It let us do something we never could before. Celebrate.”

Bill Tucker




Android & iOS apps keep your employees connected

Communicate seamlessly from desktop to phone or tablet with our mobile app. Find and view key documents and video when you need them. Contribute to active team discussions while in transit or away from the office. Read the latest company news or recognize a colleague instantly.

"Having your whole company in the palm of your hand is an extremely powerful tool."

Max Strålin

IT Administrator, Europe

City Self Storage

Launch fast without tying up IT resources

"The user interface is very, very simple, clean, fun, attractive. It has the mobile properties that we need."
Chris Haran
VP, Field Operations
Coldwell Bankers

Want to see it in action? Try Jostle.


Jostle Corporation is the creator of a new kind of employee intranet. Jostle’s People Engagement® platform is helping organizations around the world become extraordinary. It creates connected and vibrant workplaces by engaging employees, enabling communication, and driving workplace culture. Our customers achieve employee participation rates of over 85% — that’s over 5X industry norms. We think that's extraordinary. Find out more at