Why choose Jostle over Simpplr?

Because more employees will connect and engage.

Simpplr—a traditional intranet with a pretty face

Simpplr took the traditional Site/Page and Dashboard/Widget approach and redeployed it on top of the Salesforce platform. They're delivering a clean user interface, but the age-old problems of buried and outdated information persists.

Jostle—an easy to use, people-centric intranet

Jostle started with the idea of creating extraordinary organizations – to help employees connect and engage. Our platform truly connects organizations in a purposeful, work-relevant way.

“The Jostle® intranet has changed the way we interact. It's definitely brought the organization closer together.”

Anne Lightowler
Head of HR, Woodland Trust

Key differences

  • Traditional site/page approach
  • Targeting via “following”
  • Mobile app mostly view only
  • Complex deployment on top of Salesforce
  • A few simple, purposeful views
  • Simple targeting by location, division etc.
  • Mobile-only use is common
  • Automatic upgrades with no downtime

Feature comparison

  Simpplr Jostle
Easy to find what's new No Yes
Effective targeting to keep things relevant No Yes
Integrated instant messaging No Yes
Clear content ownership & permissions No Yes
Simple, universal search Yes Yes
Peer recognition and micro-bonusing No Yes
Org chart creation to clarify project teams No Yes
Turnkey with no widgets No Yes
Requires users to "follow" streams Yes No
Quiet notifications with user preferences No Yes

Want to see it in action? Try Jostle.