You need more than just instant messaging.

Jostle's People Engagement® platform has enterprise-grade instant messaging and so much more.

Looking for a Slack alternative that keeps chat strictly private inside your company?
Jostle combines enterprise-grade instant messaging with a simple, elegant employee intranet.

Jostle beats Slack by:

  • Being strictly private within your organization.
  • Making it easy to manage and organize topics.
  • Tying discussions to locations, divisions, teams etc.

Unlike Slack, Jostle delivers enterprise-grade chat integrated with an elegant employee intranet:

  Slack Jostle
Auto groups for locations, etc. No Yes
Push rich stories No Yes
Plan enterprise events No Yes
Recognize employees No Yes
Surface key documents No Yes
Find people by role, etc. No Yes
Seamless mobile to desktop Yes Yes
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Jostle is on a quest to make workplaces happier and more productive with our radically better intranet. Jostle empowers leaders and employees to participate, communicate, and collaborate. We jostle in Vancouver, Canada and are wildly loved by our customers across the globe. Find out more at